Higgins Township

Higgins Township

Roscommon, Michigan

General Township Information

Number of Township Parcels:2453Economic Development Corporation:No
Type of Fire Service:Operate its own fire departmentOffer Trash or Recycling Service:Yes
Type of Police Protection:No additional protection providedNumber of Full Time Employees:0
Type of Ambulance Service:Operate its own ambulance serviceNumber of Part Time Employees:1

Demographic and Population Information

Total Persons:2061Total Urban Persons:0
Total Rural Persons:0Total Males:1011
Total Females:1050Total White Persons:1995
Total Black Persons:14Total Native Americans:12
Total Other Specific Race Persons:10Total Mixed Persons (2 or more races):30
Total Non-Hispanic Persons:2052Total Hispanic Persons:9
Persons Under 5 Years Old:104Persons 5 Years Old to 17 Years Old:371
Persons 18 Years Old to 24 Years Old:171Persons 25 Years Old to 44 Years Old:501
Persons 45 Years Old to 64 Years Old:480Persons 65 Years Old and Older:434
Median Age – Total Population:41.4Total Households:816
Average Household Size (Persons Per Household):2Married Family Households with Children Under 18:148
Single-Parent Family Households with Children Under 18:88Households with Someone 65 Years or Older Living Alone:121
Households with One or More Non-Relatives Present:74Total Families:509
Population in Families:1496Average Family Size:3
Total Housing Units:1175Total Occupied Housing Units (remainder are vacant):1175
Total Owner-Occupied Housing (Other occupied are renters):580Total Vacant Housing Units used for Seasonal, Recreational, or Occasional Use:305
Foreign Born Persons (includes naturalized & non-citizens):24Total Population:2047
People (16 and Over) Employed as Management, Professionals and Related Occupations:240Median Household Income in 1999:29801
Median Family Income in 1999:36033Per Capita Income:15529
Persons Below Poverty Level in 1999:331Population used to determine Poverty Level:1864
Families in Poverty in 1999:73Total Families:511
Households in Poverty in 1999:134Total Households:835
Median Number of Rooms per Housing Unit:5Mobile Homes:77
Total Houses:1171Median Year Structure [housing unit] was Built:1969
Median Year Current Householder Moved In:1993Total Housing Units with Complete Plumbing Facilities:1103
Total Housing Units:1171Total Housing Units with Complete Kitchen Facilities:1109
Total Housing Units:1171Median Gross Rent (in dollars) for units being rented:367
Median (Owner-Occupied) Housing Value:66300Average (Owner-Occupied) Housing Value:74842
Median Owner Costs for Owner Occupied Housing Units With a Mortgage:595Median Owner Costs for Owner Occupied Housing Units Without a Mortgage:219
Median Owner Costs for Owner Occupied Housing Units With a Mortgage, as a Percentage of 1999 Household:20Median Owner Costs for Owner Occupied Housing Units Without a Mortgage, as a Percentage of 1999 Household:10
Persons per Square Mile:29.2Percent of White Persons:96.8
Percent of Black Persons:0.7Percent Native American Persons:0.6
Percent of Hispanic Persons:0.4Percent of Foreign-Born Persons (incl. naturalized and non-citizens):1.2
Percent of Persons Under 18 Years Old:23Percent of Persons 65 Years Old and Older:21.1