Higgins Township

Higgins Township

Roscommon, Michigan

Fire Department

Higgins Township Fire & EMS  http://cms.firehouse.com/dept/Roscommonmi

Address: 606 S.5th Street Roscommon, MI 48653

Business Phone: (989) 275-5229

Higgins Twp. Fire/EMS proudly protects 2300 people living in an area of 144 square miles.

Our ambulance department is operated by the township and is full time Basic Life Support.

Higgins Twp. Fire Department serves the residents of Higgins Township and the Village of Roscommon. The department moved from the village to a new station in the Township in 1994.  Roscommon is also the home of the Michigan Fireman’s Memorial.

Services Provided

  • Firefighting
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Vehicle Rescue (Extrication)
  • Search & Rescue

Trash Pick-Up

Township-wide trash pick-up is Wednesday.  Have items curbside by 7am. Each residence is allowed to place 5 bags and 1 large item out for pick-up each week. Appliances can also be put curbside for pick-up.

Large Item Pick up-

Waste Management:  (866)797-9018

***Information you need***

Customer ID: 5-42794-72006

Service Address: 700 S Fifth St. Roscommon, MI 48653

Recycling Pick-Up

2024 Recycling Calendar

Call for details:  (989) 275-8112, ext. 3

Please have recycling bins curbside the night before scheduled pick up dates as the truck may arrive early.  The route begins at 6 AM on alternate Wednesdays.
See posted schedule.

Recycle Media, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass and Metals

  • Media:  Recycle newspapers (including glossy inserts), magazines, phone books, catalogs, paperback books, and sales brochures including glossy and colored paper.  Place these materials in the curbside container.
  • Paper:  Recycle both white and colored ‘office’ paper, school papers, envelopes (please remove the plastic windows from envelopes, also remove sticky notes and card stocks). Recycle shredded paper, manila folders and notebooks, (no need to remove metal spirals).  Please place all of these paper materials in a ‘see through’ plastic bag and place the bag in the curbside container.
  • Cardboard: Recycle corrugated and boxboard. Please flatten boxes and place in curbside container. Boxes too large for the container may be placed on the ground for pick-up. Remove any plastic liners, plastic peanuts or other contaminants from boxes.
  • Plastic: Recycle all plastics (1 through 7) except Styrofoam (such as clamshells and peanuts used for packing). Rinse food containers to remove residues. Flatten plastic milk jugs and other large plastic containers for liquids. Throw away caps. rings, lids, and pumps. Remove metal lids and handles from plastic containers. The metal lids and handles can be recycled as noted below.
  • Glass: Recycle only clear glass bottles, jars and other glass containers (dishes and mirrors are not recyclable). Broken glass is acceptable for recycling but it is requested that it be placed in a cardboard box and labeled as broken glass for safety of those who handle these materials.
  • Metals: Recycle metal cans and other metal containers including aerosol cans (no need to remove labels) and clean aluminum foil. Steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals are all recyclable.

The following materials are not recyclable at this time in our curbside recyclable program. Many of these materials can be recycled at the Roscommon Hazardous Household Waste program held in spring and fall at the Road Commission facility. Watch for announcements about this for additional details. 

Non-recyclable: Construction materials, needles and sharp objects, electronics, clothing, light bulbs, Styrofoam, paper drink containers coated with plastic films (for example, juice boxes), colored glass, batteries, pizza boxes, plastic bags of any kind (except see-through bags containing paper), gift wrapping paper, oil, paint, and containers contaminated with food, or hazardous chemical containers.

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